Working together for more sustainability

As part of FC Schalke 04 Arena Management GmbH (AMG), the Schalke Catering department focuses on sustainability in three different areas: Environment, Economy and Social.

Sustainability is a term that is used in many areas, for example in science, politics and also in business practice.
The basic principle, which can be found in all definitions, is illustrated very well in the definition of the term from ecology:

Sustainability = ecological principle according to which no more may be consumed than can be regrown, regenerated and made available again in the future.

Sustainability must be practiced in corporate management and prohibits any decisions based on short-termism. In doing so, AMG assumes responsibility and makes its contribution to maintaining and improving the ecological, economic and social performance of society.

True to the motto


We live a sustainable future with tradition!
We live environmental protection!
We live responsible, global and regional action!
We live partnership-based cooperation!

We have therefore decided to introduce the following measures to achieve our goals.

Mission statement of FC Schalke 04

Code of Conduct of FC Schalke 04

UN sustainability goals

With the 2030 Agenda, which was adopted in 2015, 17 global goals for a better future were developed under the umbrella of the United Nations. The guiding principle of the 2030 Agenda is to enable people around the world to live in dignity while at the same time preserving the natural foundations of life in the long term.

This includes economic, ecological and social aspects. The 2030 Agenda emphasizes the shared responsibility of all stakeholders: politics, business, science, civil society - and every single person. FC Schalke 04 and Arena Management GmbH are doing their utmost to follow these guidelines.

In the course of its sustainability activities, FC Schalke 04 takes the international guidelines very seriously and is strongly oriented towards them in its efforts. S04 sets the individual development goals in relation to its activities and actions, aims to create transparency and draw attention to the importance of the international goals. FC Schalke 04 also wants to sensitize its partners, sponsors, suppliers and fans to comply with the international standards or adapt them accordingly.

Environment: We live environmental protection!

In 2022, reusable cups were already introduced for the balcony seats in the boxes. In 2023, they will now be used in the majority of the VELTINS-Arena.

Target achievement: 75% / May 2023

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UN sustainability goals:


By switching to an open payment system in the VELTINS-Arena, the number of scarce cards to be ordered has been reduced to zero. The Knappenkarte can still be used as a means of payment, but the remaining stock is sufficient to serve the guests.

100% achieved / July 2022

UN sustainability goals:

Our constant goal is to reduce packaging waste.

The former paper menus have been replaced by digital menus since 2021. In addition, the currywurst buckets have been replaced by tubes since September 2022.

100% achieved / January 2023

UN sustainability goals:

Economy: We live responsible, global and regional action!

PETA Deutschland e.V. named the most vegan-friendly Bundesliga stadium of the 2022/2023 season on Wednesday (21 June). FC Schalke 04 secured the title for the fourth time in a row with its offer.

With 38 points, the squires even scored seven points more than at the last award ceremony in 2019.

The rating is based exclusively on the range of purely vegan dishes on offer - and Königsblau has a lot to be proud of: The Schalke catering team offers its guests in the VELTINS-Arena a wide range of vegan dishes.

UN sustainability goals:


Schalke's catering department is constantly expanding its commitment and driving forward the digitalization of processes. For example, employee check-in is handled via a tablet. The same applies to team manager reports, matchday-relevant information and employee training. This allows us to save up to 90% paper on match and event days.

Recently, the quarterly inventory as well as the billing of the hospitality areas at major events has also been recorded and carried out digitally via the tablets.

100% achieved / May 2023

UN sustainability goals:

Arena Management GmbH also ensures that suppliers, service providers and subcontractors adhere to sustainable principles. AMG ensures that suppliers and partners comply with minimum wage standards, are regularly audited for compliance with hygiene and occupational health and safety guidelines, for example, have the relevant certificates and are in line with our values at Schalke.

By bundling suppliers, it was possible to reduce CO 2 emissions from transport journeys.

Target achievement: 80% / May 2023

UN sustainability goals:


Social: We live partnership-based cooperation!

To increase the appreciation and recognition of catering employees, a cross-departmental task force is set up to plan and implement incentives.
100% achieved / May 2023

UN sustainability goals:

The Schalke catering department offers fair pay. Wages are staggered and are above the statutory minimum wage.

100% achieved / May 2023

UN sustainability goals:


Our catering staff should be optimally qualified and trained. This is why we plan and offer new training courses for all employees that are specially tailored to their areas of work.

These are to take place both in small "on" and "off the job" training sessions directly at the workplace or during the week. Training content such as friendliness, service, quality improvement, sustainability and specialist knowledge such as tapping, 3-plate technology or handling the new kitchen appliances are taught in order to provide guests with the best possible service.

Target achievement 80% (through steady growth) / May 2023

UN sustainability goals:

We took part in an integration program with Sozialwerk St. Georg Werkstätten.

Our common goal is to take them on after they have successfully completed their internship. In addition, there are now 4 employees with outsourced workplaces from St. Georg in the VELTINS Arena (3 x kitchen / 1 x service).

100% achieved / December 2022

Further information on the sustainability strategy and the network for a more climate-neutral Schalke can be found here.