What are the volunteers?

The term volunteer refers to a volunteer who helps out free of charge. This concept has become widely known since the 2006 World Cup in Germany: Over 13,000 enthusiastic soccer fans accompanied the matches in the twelve World Cup stadiums as volunteers. As an extension of the host, they provided assistance in many areas and were on hand to offer help and advice to spectators in particular.

Royal Blue Volunteers

At a meeting of former FIFA and City World Cup volunteers in June 2007, the idea of setting up a permanent team of volunteers at Schalke was born. In a test phase from October to December 2007, a group of around 40 volunteers proved themselves at major events in the VELTINS-Arena.

In January 2008, the starting signal was given for the first expansion of the team. It is largely made up of Schalke fans from various professions and of all ages between 18 and 66. As of January 2017, the team currently consists of 130 members. This large number ensures that an appropriate number of volunteers can be deployed at all matches and almost all events in the VELTINS-Arena.

The association's volunteer management team takes care of the organization of the volunteer team and coordinates the assignments. In addition, it supports the aim of training competent volunteers and achieving efficient and fun teamwork through various training courses and joint activities.

Tasks and goals

The group of the "Information Team" can be recognized by their orange clothing. In the VELTINS-Arena and in the outdoor area, these volunteers are the contact persons for all guests of the arena, answer questions, help with orientation on site and solve small organizational problems. The volunteers are particularly happy to help people with disabilities. They also take part in special assignments that occasionally allow a look behind the scenes of the VELTINS-Arena.

The group of "drivers" comes into action at FC Schalke 04 Arena Management GmbH's own events. The driver volunteers take care of the transportation of players and guests at the event.

The aim of deploying volunteers at Schalke is to support the good service already provided by the club and its subsidiaries in their efforts to ensure the well-being of all visitors to the VELTINS-Arena. The volunteers are a perfect complement to permanent and temporary employees. They do not block or replace any existing or potential future jobs.

The motivation

With every volunteer activity, the question arises: Why do they do it just like that and for free? As with many other voluntary activities, the main motivation is to help successfully.

Whether it's effective direction for late spectators shortly before the kick-off of a soccer match, personally accompanying visitors in need of help to their seats or assisting in the search for lost family members, the volunteers help directly and with great dedication everywhere.

There are also a variety of individual reasons, such as the joy of making contact with people, being part of a team where you can make new friends and exchange ideas, the opportunity to get to know the VELTINS-Arena in a different way and, of course, the passion for FC Schalke 04, which for many is a piece of "home" that they are happy to support.

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